Going On Vacation!

It’s that time of year when Mommies In Orbit is going on vacation, only this one is called a stay-at-home-getaway, sounds weird huh? It’s the best I can do this year. However the twins and their Dad will be off to Michigan tomorrow to see awesome scenery, great big lakes, and visit with an abundance of relatives. I hope all of them have a great time in Lake Country.

However, my vacation is  more of one called, “the need for sanity getaway.” That means since school let out on May 24, I have been with my kids 24/7 plus a bit more than that, if that’s possible. We are really starting to grate on one another’s nerves, so I think it’s wise that they go one direction and me and my canine buddies go the other. A much-needed break, they call it.

We, me and the dogs, don’t have any plans, maybe some walks, swimming, working in the garden, and ordering pizza, that would be their favorite part. We may even use paper plates and give the dishwasher a rest. That’s pretty much it, just hang out at the house, and take it easy, no waiting on anyone but myself, and how hard can it be to pour some cereal in a bowl, add milk, insert spoon, and there you have it, DINNER!

I probably be posting more photos, since I’ll actually have some time to take them, uninterrupted. I may redesign my blog, who knows, might even take a solo ride in the country for photos ideas.

Well, wish me peace and quiet, and I’ll be sure to do the same for you!

stay at home Mom


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