Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 12th Birthday!

Here we are ready for Middle School!

We know how to get the party started over here at Mommies In Orbit! We are celebrating Thanksgiving as we do every year, but this year is extra special. My twins, Ben and Jen will be turning the ripe old age of 12 tomorrow! Yeah, they’re almost teenagers. So we may just mix it up a bit tomorrow, follow no rules and celebrate all of it with ONE BIG BLOWOUT Party!!

Grandma will be seated at the head of the table, and why shouldn’t she be? She just celebrated her 81 st birthday the other day and she was even more outspoken and funnier than she’s been in a long time. We all laughed at one another and with one another.  What more more could you ask for anyway?  A few dysfunctional comments were tossed in here and there, but not enough to stop the party.

It’s all about balance with our family and the holidays, You have to pair up the people who can tolerate one another, and if they can’t get along, there’s always plenty of room outdoors!


There will turkey and stuffing, cookie cake and a birthday cake for my kids who will be celebrating their lives and accomplishments, growing up as twins!

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