10 Ways How Your Life Changes When Kids Are Gone!

Yep, the wranglers are “up North,” visiting family members, in another state. Life is completely awesome, very different for Mommies In Orbit when their tween attitude, smart-mouth, and door-slamming-performances are many miles away!

  • The noise level here has dropped from the grating sounds of a mall construction site, to the pitter patter of canine paws!
  • Things stay put!
  • The toilet is flushed consistently. No explanation needed.
  • There is no bitching at the dinner table or making snowmen out of mashed potatoes.
  • Mountains of laundry have been reduced (temporarily) to molehills.
  • The electric bill has decreased substantially.
  • Talking through doors has ceased.
  • Getting ready for bedtime is just that. No more, “Mom, are you asleep?”
  • I can always find the remote, and can also miraculously hear the television.
  • Dinner can be anything I wish it to be.

But, enjoy it now Mommy, cause the wranglers will be headin’ home tomorrow as the sun sets and my little piece of paradise will soon disappear!
Happy New Year!

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