Halloween and Parenting!

I’m beginning to think that parenting is a lot like Halloween. Parenting can be scary,spooky, hair-raising and fun, all at the same time. My kids physically wear the costume on October 31st, but the rest of the year they appear to morph into different creatures! Most days they resemble Casper, the friendly ghost, showing me kindness, but other days, I see and hear howling werewolves, ghosts in chains, and screaming from the second story!

I like to call it Orbital Moods! The elliptical orbit is way out there. A child can start out as a goblin and after completing his orbit, turn completely into a mad reaper! When it’s a full moon, things really take a beastly turn. Channel Chick hisses at me like a coiled snake when she doesn’t get her own way, and Rocket Boy, after securing a sugary snack howls until Smart Border Collie and The Black Dog run for the hills.

Call it tween moodiness, but I think it’s more. It’s difficult to identify so many different types of creatures and just when they will make an entrance. I’ve been innocently nuking microwave dinners in the kitchen when I hear a loud BANG from the second story. No explanation! I’ve found that twins are either battling like barbarians, or, sticking together and playing tricks on their innocent Mom. Either way, look out when I get a chance to do some sneaking around myself. I’ll wait until a cold, snowy, moonlit night and perhaps gently tap on their windows as they are just beginning to fall into a slumber!

What was that noise?

Who’s laughing now?

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