A Room With A View!

Yes, I’m talking about the kitchen, my window to the world. Outside this particular window is where Mommies In Orbit can watch the wranglers swimming, swinging high enough to stop a heartbeat, battling like mad barbarians and just generally having fun.  This is also where the aliens do their homework, at our mission control center. It’s where birthday parties happen, decisions are made or not, and the canines go in and out a million times a day.

We take our homework assignments seriously!

This is the hub of the home.  It’s where The Black Dog and Smart Border Collie perch patiently waiting for a morsel of food to drop, it’s the entrance to the blue lagoon, now sporting a 60 degree water temperature.  It’s where Mom’s cookin’ takes place every night, take it or leave it, and where Rocket Boy hoards his mini-muffins. 

It’s also the location where Channel Chick and I have our Mother and daughter feuds heart to heart talks.  

I’m calculating my angle of attack, Polaris!

Even nature can be enjoyed from my room with a view. It’s where I can get a good laugh at The Black Dog as he watches the pool sweep glide mysteriously under the water.  This is the place where Mommy resides in the “peaceful orbit.”

I’m here for your viewing pleasure!





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