My Kids Are Imitating Elf On The Shelf !

Hi There!

OK, folks, now that my kids know that the Elf On A Shelf does not really venture around the house all by itself, they have started their own Elf tradition. When I’m flying around the kitchen not paying attention, they sneak up on me and hop up on the counter and pose like the Elf on The Shelf with that mischievous smile.  Both of them are doing it now, and they are really quick! It’s funny and creepy at the same time.

They are cute little Muchkins, but when they are still as the newly fallen snow with a smile frozen on their faces, it does kinda remind me of those creepy dolls found in my step-daddy’s attic.

As the kids open their gifts this year, we are finding less twist ties to fight with to get the dang toy out of the package and more software to install.  Less battery installation and more hard cash and gift cards to the Mall, it’s a sure sign that Dear Daughter and Little Dude are growing up. I suppose next year will be cell phones, as if Dear Daughter doesn’t talk enough already! As we venture into the tween orbit, I’m sure next Christmas will bring more fun as the twins grow up and their needs and opinions change about all kinds of things. Should be interesting, don’t ya think? Have a Happy, Safe and Healthy Holdiay!

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