Helping Mom Get Better!

Mommies In Orbit has been out of sorts the last few days battling a robust Winter bug. Now that I have made it back to my computer, I must thank all of those who helped me get better. My dear daughter managed to set her alarm for school and get ready, no complaints and she made me a card with a get well poem, that just melted my heart. She kept her “I wants” to a minimum and thought about how others were feeling, though I have a hunch that those words will roll around during our next trip to the Mall.¬† My little dude, the one who skates around the house in his not-so-white-socks, told me several time to please feel better Mom, and also made me a hilarious card including the famous “BOB” character he made up. I think my little dude has really been missing those homemade cookies after school.

My family, only with one extra kid.

Of course, dear husband, stepped in and took care of everything, so Mom could rest. He managed to make chipped ice and crackers taste like a down home BBQ in July. I doubt he got in much “laptop time” as he was barking out orders to the kids about homework, showers, snacks, and all the bedtime stuff. I couldn’t ask for more, just some shut eye and quiet time to mend.

And last but not least in any manner, my favorite two furry creatures. They hung out with me all day,making sure I didn’t leave any cracker crumbs lying around. They curled up next to me and kept me warm, and looked very concerned that household routines were not the norm.
Let’s just say, I couldn’t have done it without all of them. Take care and keep well this Winter, I’m thinking Summer in my dreams.

Partner in Crime!

Here for you Mom!

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