What’s Up With The Trivago Guy?

My daughter and I Googled The Trivago guy last night because he gets on our nerves every time he’s on. Turns out there’s a ton of stuff out there and we are not the only ones who are mortified by the mere sight of this guy. This is the kind of dude you want to keep your daughter far away from.

What middle-aged guy has a 20″ waistline? And why is his torso so long? I don’t get it.

Not only do his pants not fit, but he’s not even close to being a valid representation of the middle aged men I see on the streets (no further comment). So we proceeded to get obsessed, we looked up his Facebook page, and OMG, he’s weirder than weird. Who takes a selfie when they are at a salon getting their hair washed?  You think I’m kidding, check out his FB page!


Any questions?



186 thoughts on “What’s Up With The Trivago Guy?

  1. A few weeks ago, this commercial was on and my husband made a comment…”that guy thinks he’s good looking”. I said, he IS good looking…he’s actually gorgeous. I love when his commercials come on. I think a lot of these comments are from jealous men. The one I hate, and change the channel is the Sonic commercials…they are so annoying…I can’t stand to watch or listen to those idiots.

  2. This guy looks filthy. I see the name Trivago now and I want to puke or take a long, hot shower. And do you love how he swaggers off screen at the end, pointing his finger? And what’s with the waist that goes down to his knees? Please make it stop.

  3. I am sorry, but one thing that drives me CRAZY is a man without a belt on. I mean William Shatner would be a better choice. What were they thinking with this guy??? You get what you pay for. I just saw him in a recent commercial and he is wearing a tee shirt un-tucked and someone should fire his hair stylist for the bad dye job.

  4. All you haters out there, who didn’t like the rough Trivago Guy, got your wish. He is now made-over. Have to be honest with you; I like the old look. Either way, he can book a trip for me anytime. :-)

  5. Pfft. You people. *eye roll* The guy is very handsome…and have you seen the recent commercials with him? He’s cleaned up with a dashing new haircut. He looks even better now… I liked him before and am glad they decided to keep him. Like many have noted, he (and Trivago) must have done something right to have people talk about him (and the compnay). Yes, this gay guy has a minor crush on a less than perfect male spokesman…no shame in my game, as they say.

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  8. The guy doesn’t creep me out, but both my husband and I have commented on how bad his teeth look. Obviously he knows this because when talking he is careful to try and hide them. I actually love his voice though, I am obviously in the minority on that.

  9. Wow.. I thought it was just me….so annoyed by the incredible frequency of all these trivago commercials..this lame startup must have well financed inventors. Oh ya the worst part…. when Tim says …’check in. And check out dates’..loloo

  10. I can’t believe it…I feel the exact same way! I can’t take the long torso, the bad hair, but the worst …his teeth need to be whitened. I think the company actually made him look this way to grab viewers attention. It worked.

  11. I’m sure he is very nice looking. He just needs a lot of fixing up. I’m willing to take him shopping to get some clothes with colour and style that fit him. Also get him shaved and his hair fixed.

  12. Its his voice that really bothers me. Its beyond irritating. Its like a faux accent when he pronounces a “c” or a “k”. You hear it when he says “check in” or “click”. Hard to explain, but its just irritating! Makes you want to punch the guy or something.

  13. Okay, well I guess I’m in the minority here because I find the Trivago guy oddly compelling, in a kind of ‘Hank Moody’ kind of way. He looks like he spent the night in an airport because he refused to pay too much for a hotel room.

  14. get a petition going to get guy off there are so many normal looking people that can do this job STOP COMPLAINING DO SOMETHING

  15. I cannot stand this guy or the frequency of the commercials we are bombarded with!! Any Canadian channel I tune in to, there he is, aaargg!!! He is so creepy, I have my remote at the ready to change the channel whenever I watch anything anymore, so sad. Get that commercial off the air, please!!!

  16. This post is awesome. Donna B…..we are not implying that we are perfect we are simply saying that this guy didn’t even shower before his national commercial gig . He looks like a tired heroine addict.

  17. All of you people sound as if you are all so perfect… I think this guy is an absolute hottie….we complain all of the time that companies don’t use the every day people of the world for their ads but use actors….did you know that when we see fault in other people it represents the faults we have in our own life…you’re all picking apart how he looks, how he talks, and just overall bashing….well for sure I am not perfect and by reading over some of these comments at least I can say That I have a heart….It takes all kinds of people to make up a world and I am quite happy to spend my time with the trivago girls and guys in it…. Like I said this guy is such a hottie and I would welcome the idea of a date if we weren’t worlds apart….donna b

  18. I think the best part is… when he gets a close-up he looks sad… like the school bully just took his lunch sad. like he just got beat up by a girl sad..
    there is my 2 cents..

  19. Jokes on all of us . Using this guy as trivago spokesman has us all talking about him and Trivago. Genius advertising.

  20. The half-assed scruff face, no belt yet the shirt is tucked in situation is bad enough, but in addition, they’ve got him putting his accents in the wrong places. “Have you ever tried searching for a hotel ONline?” Emphasis on “on”? Who says that? It’s on LINE, dummies. “No more searching FOUR hours.” No. It’s pronounced “no more searching for HOURS.” Good Lord. And tell me what is novel about inputting your destination, inputting your check in and check out dates, and pressing search? “It’s that simple.” Isn’t it that simple on every other hotel website? Who are these bozos?

  21. Haha, so glad I’m not the only one! Just moved from the UK to Canada and see this guy every time the TV is on.

    He is just like he’s just not arsed at all. Walked in to the studio, pretty much half dressed wearing the shirt he had on at last night’s party. “Yeah that’ll do” sort of approach.

    I usually sport stubble, but neatened (though I’m going a beard at the moment). So I can’t quite comment about the facial hair. But I know when I need to make an effort. Being on TV would be one of those times!

  22. Funny… I thought he must be the owner of Trivago, so I googled him and here I am. The whole damn thing is odd.

  23. I’m glad I’m not the only one creeped out by this guy! He needs to brush his teeth, wash and brush his hair, shave, take a shower and get clothes that fit him properly. What was Trivago thinking? He give me the heebie-jeebies,

  24. His shoulders are crooked, one up, one down. And he tilts his head toward the higher shoulder. Very odd stance. And as he saunters off at the end he looks as if he is so self satisfied, he’s thinking, “nailed it!” And the new commercials with him cleaned up? Way too little way too late. And why is his hair dull pink?

  25. Yeah, I thought it was just me too. This guy is such a friggin creep I can’t stand looking at or listening to him especially when he says ‘check in (time)’. STFU – – and at 47 he just LOVES posting selfies?!

  26. I was weirded out from this ad right from the start and now that I’ve seen it at least 50 times (not even counting the times I’ve managed to change it first), I finally decided to google it.

    I can’t even explain the discomfort, but my main goal was for someone to put the words in my… !


    Maybe their ad campaign is actually just an elaborate ad for Tivo…T(r)iv(ag)o.


  27. He is super creepy to me ! His haircut is weird, his shirt is too open at the neck (all he’s missing is a thick gold chain) and his code and the way he talks is just weird !

  28. This is a hilarious blog..the comments about the disheveled guy and his long torso, unshaven look…and super midget size..he is not creepy to me, just odd ..I thought he must be some big rich guy owner also..nothing new here..just hilarious

  29. I just knew there had to be a blog or something about the weird Trivago guy. He looks like a struggling alcoholic homeless guy. Why didnt he at least shave his face? The shirt looks like he just rolled out of bed and put it on. Even his voice is creepy. I figured he must be the owner, because who would purposely pick this guy to be the face to represent their company?

  30. With all the money he is making, it doesn’t make sense he has to wear the same shirt and pants on each commercial. This whole commercial just doesn’t make sense. Nor does Trivago. It’s a mystery for sure. A really annoying mystery. I’m glad he is somebody’s version of a “just a normal guy” cause he sure isn’t mine. That’s what the homeless look like in my neighborhood. But he’s a national spokesperson for some company. That’s the really weird thing here. I can only imagine what the people look like that think he’s inviting! The Trivago customer I suppose. UGH. These commercials make Hotel 6 look very upscale.

  31. I am glad I’m not the only one that thinks his waist is small, long torso. I love gray hair on men but it’s like his head doesn’t fit his body. It’s like Gd was lhoto shopped by someone trying to put all the best features together but it all came out wrong lol!

  32. Well, just looked at his facebook page, he looks like a pretty normal happy guy. A lot happier than your average, overweight, middle age guy I see every day.

    Don’t understand all the hate going on here.

  33. first it was his voice that drove me crazy. Then I started looking at him real closeand then everything about him drove me nuts….He needs a haircut and shave and please for heaven’s sake put a belt on the guy and get something with color on the guy.

  34. How do you pronounce “triangle” ? Is it pronounced “gee-angle” ? Why does Trivago allow their name to be announced as Geevago?

  35. Uhhhhh….this guy is an actor. The ad agency chose his look, speech etc. He doesn’t even look like this in real life. True, it’s a weird campaign- but it’s working. He got his check and went back to Germany. Lolol

  36. I can’t stand him either!!!! Exactly what the guy before me said: hair, shave, etc. plus you’re right about the weird long torso! His voice is like nails on a chalkboard for me & I will literally change the channel or mute him on sight! The worst!

  37. This is funny, I complain about this guy every time the commercial is on! Hair uncombed, no belt, needs a shave, looks like a homeless guy. My wife thinks it’s (What’s in now) Seems I am not the only one who thinks he is out!

  38. I agree with everyone about this slob! thought I was being a snob about no belt and unshaven!
    The company needs to get a rep that isn’t so distracting

  39. no doubt about it, the comercial is working, you are all talking about trivago, thats what they were hoping for

  40. And here I thought I was the only one who cringed every time a Trivago commercial came on. Strange torso, no belt… and he looks like he hasn’t bathed and doesn’t smell nice. So funny!

  41. From the very first time I viewed this commercial I thought this guy was some kind of weird. I finally decided to look him up and found this site….so glad to know that I’m not alone in my thoughts. There is just something off about this guy and it bugs me.

    For a previous commenter: we are all talking about this guy, but that doesn’t mean the ad is working. It’s only working if we actually use the service because of the chatter on this guy.

    That is all.

  42. This guy is soooo freaking weird looking! I was totally wondering if this was normal middle aged white guy look. I couldn’t make it out everything about him is off. From his speech cadence to his movements just seemed so totally off. His upper torso is way too long for his arms or something…

  43. Brilliant. I finally googled him this eve bcz i couldnt stand the sight of him but figured there had to be another reason i disliked him so. And while he has been in other stuff, no, i just dislike him from this commercial. No tshrt under the oxford, which is unbuttoned too far; rolled up sloppy sleeves, no belt on his little jeans; and WHAT IS W THAT CREEPY VOICE?? he looks like a lounge lizard. Why would anyone hire this dude to be their tv rep? Hes just gross.

  44. The first time I saw the commercial, I really thought it was a goof…..he’s like a guy in the 90”s, that showed up to a party and it’s Sunday and you can’t get him to leave your house.. He has DUIs, bad credit and cries when he drinks wine…. I’d never use Trivago

  45. It’s hilarious that my wife and I found this site. We had just watched the Trivago commercial for the hundreth time and I finally said, “I gotta look this guy up!” It’s so funny that this guy elicits this reaction, because I can’t honestly say he’s a bad looking guy, but his swagger is just all off. He’s clearly a middle-aged guy, and the whole no-belt, stubble, and throaty voice is just too cheese ball.

  46. If you put wings on him and a bell boy hat he would look like one of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.
    Don’t let him get you Toto !

  47. Haha these comments are great my husband and I just watched the commerxial together and I asked him to turn the channel because I can’t stand this guy.

  48. This guy is trying to look all cool with the stubble look. He just looks like a slob. Looks like he hasn’t showered. I can’t even focus on what he’s saying because I’m too distracted by why they would want him being the spokesperson. He needs a stylist! Or at very least
    A shower!

  49. I agree wholeheartedly with these comments. The guy definitely is creepy. The marketing is NOT working. I mute or change the channel every single time. I cannot watch him and I certainly will NOT ever use them because of it! Talking about them doesn’t mean their advertising is working, it just validates all of us who find it too creepy.

  50. In your case, the commercial found its audience. As you can see from this website, most women, by far, are repulsed and would never use Trivago after seeing this. Myself, I would never want to sleep anywhere close to where this guy has been. And, if he is a principal at Trivago, DITTO! But, each to their own. That’s what makes the world go round.

  51. My girl and I were both shocked at what a weirdo he looked like. I think this is just smart marketing by trivago. We subsequently used the site to book our next holiday because he just sticks in people’s heads, no matter the reason. Darn smart if you ask me.

  52. I work in marketing and advertising, and have often wondered why Trivago picked a guy who looks and sounds like he’s just rolled out of bed after a JD bender which included 100 cigarettes. Too funny, finding this blog post and all the comments. Clearly I am not alone!

    Incidentally I did go to Trivago one time to check it out. You cannot search by zip or address, unbelievably. Useless. That was the end of that.

    This whole Trivago thing seems like somebody’s Vanity project, and I too wondered if he is an owner.

    That’s my 3 cents :-)

  53. So funny…I just now saw the newer Trivago Guy commercial. Looks like they saw this blog and all the comments slamming him, because it looks like they gave him a good scrubbing, buttoned up his shirt, and even combed his hair. Noticed they also filmed him from the waist up, so they didn’t have to spend any money on a belt. Haha…too funny!!!

  54. OMG! You are spot on! The guy irritates the poo out of me, so much so that I will never use the product he sells. Thanks for the great blog post.

  55. How can any company rely on such an image is beyond me. I am all for using “natural” or “ordinary” looking people in ads. But this guy looks so tired and dishevelled. Waaaaay too casual for my taste……and messy looking.

  56. Wow, I thought I was the only one, who felt this way about the Trivago Guy. He looks as though he slept in his clothes. Is this a new marketing ploy?

  57. I thought I was the only one who found this guy at least vaguely unsettling, at most totally creepy. And there is something off about his accent, as if he is pretending to be American. I don’t like him, and by extension, I don’t like Trivago.

  58. I just Googled him too — why? because I knew I could not be the only one who finds this guy horrifying. His crumpled gray clothes match his smoker’s gray complexion and gray hangover hair — WHAT were they thinking?! It wouldn’t be so bad except his ad is on EVERY commercial break on EVERY station! He makes me want the Sham-Wow guy back.

  59. Oh HELL yes. Both my husband and I think this guy is a deluxe creeper. Pretty bad when both males and females find him offensive.

  60. This is what I think happened: on the day of the shoot, the real actor didn’t show up. Desperate, the crew grabbed a homeless man off the street, and found ANY clothes that fit him – which unfortunately was only a shirt and pants that might kindly be described as “color-less”. There was no belt to be found; or perhaps fearing the creepy man, thought it best not to provide him with a belt, lest he spontaneously commit suicide or use it to attack a random crew member. No one could find a disposable razor, for similar reasons, and no one wanted to loan him their comb lest he have cooties, but they hosed him off and it was SHOWTIME on that set.
    The End

  61. get the hell over is normal guy what are you wanting all dressed up in airbrushed. look at yourself in the mirror are you perfect the world is imperfect people get over if that’s what’s wrong with society today

  62. Maybe he appeals to the demographic they are looking for. No company puts that much money into their advertising without testing the commercial for effectiveness.

  63. So glad I’m not the only one. I have a “visceral” reaction to this guy every time I see him on TV. I will literally launch myself across the room to mute or fast forward him to get him the heck off my screen. Not sure that’s what they were aiming for when they made the ad, but he gives off suuuuch a “squinchey” pedo kinda vibe that I just can’t look at him. I’ve only reacted this way to one other person – a guy I worked with. He gave me actual nightmares & other people thought he was the sweetest person in the world. 10 years later, I still 1/2 expect to hear his name on the news.

  64. I am so glad I am not alone. He looks like he needs a shower and a shave. I cringe every time I see the commercial. He is a little cleaner in the new commercial but he still looks rough. Just a guess but maybe he is a drinker or smoker or both. Even his nails look dirty although they try to blur them I noticed. He looks tired and not very healthy. Is he the owner of the company or the owners nephew maybe??? Who would hire him for any other reason. He looks like an unmade bed (pun intended) I am confused.

  65. Hahaha…..I thought I was the only one thoroughly creeped out. Others called me crazy but I feel vindicated now…..Thank you :)

  66. I think it’s fairly obvious that NO “styling” was done in this case. Trivago skipped the usual commercial planning and very casually/naively selected this scruffy dude as their spokesperson. Motel 6 does a much superior commercial to Trivago. Always has.
    That is the curiosity of this commercial. No one seems to have done anything in the way of spokesperson preparation. That’s why I’m convinced that he’s an owner who thinks a lot of himself as is. AND they are paying to play it NONSTOP. Someone at Trivago sure likes him.

  67. NO, NO. I want him to stay on TV and keep turning off the entire US population (except for other bums that find him appealing). Trivago will do great business that way! They certainly are spending GIANT buck to run us in the opposite direction.
    That commercial is on every time I look! They’ve got to run out of money soon. Pray.

  68. With that torso, he should go untucked. also, I think that shirt come off the Goodwill rack-cheap cotton..pre-shrunk ?

    At least shave and iron that grey rag. Maybe add a belt, to break up that riduculous vertical space!

  69. His proportions are odd, and better suited for radio, as his torso is that of a taller man and his legs are that of a shorter man. Also when facing the camera straight on he appears to have a curvature of the spine.

  70. Every time I see this commercial I think what a dirty looking, unkempt person…. he needs a shave, needs to wash and comb his hair, needs to iron his shirt….I can’t bear to look at him. I googled a question about it and up came all these comments! So funny. I won’t be using Trivago.

  71. Even disheveled and bloodshot, he’s sexy and gorgeous! I think the people who are calling him creepy are jealous that they’ll never be so appealing, no matter how much time and money they invest in themselves!

  72. I am soooooo glad to se the same reaction I have been having for the last month on this commercial!!!! Everyone was laughing at me! I just want to add…have you seen his hands…the finger nails are disgusting and I actually think his hands are dirty!!!

  73. He looks like Elane’s handsome,homeless boyfriend from Seinfeld. Seriously. How did any one think this was a good spokesperson: no shave + crappy gap tshirt – 3 top buttons = tvago family member

  74. Who thinks to himself ‘I’m gonna do a commercial today so I won’t shave or comb my hair and yeah I’ll put on the clothes I slept in last night and I should be good to go’!

  75. And why can’t he afford a belt? Maybe we should start a campaign to buy a belt for this poor sap. He’s very creepy!

  76. No he is not cool in CA either. We were commenting last night too on how creepy he was. I think he must own the company too. That being said, I went to his website today and am booking a hotel. haha

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  78. Thank you! My boyfriend thought I was nuts for hating the big headed dirty long torso trivago guy. He literally makes my skin crawl when that commercial comes on. Glad to hear I have company!

  79. The real issue here is why would a company that has the money for regular national commercials create/use a weird, disheveled spokesperson? Don’t blame Tim Williams. He seems to look ‘normal’ enough for a musician / actor on his Facebook page. Trivago has decided for some bizarre advertising reason to use him and dress him awkwardly in their horribly designed commercials. And i suspect it’s probably to get a lot of people to comment about him on sites like this and thereby increase the instances of their name being used.

  80. This guy is getting on my nerves can’t they afford a actress some that’s easy on the eyes unlike this jerk what I do is PVR the shows a skip through it

  81. You appear to overlook the fact that he’s a PAID SPOKESPERSON who is representing an international company on TV. What company picks a guy who looks like this to represent them globally????????? That is the VERY ODD aspect of this commercial. My God woman, he didn’t even bother to shave or iron his shirt. The whole thing is EXTREMELY STRANGE. I’m in advertising/marketing myself and I’m baffled by this slob getting this job. It’s unexplainable!
    All I can figure is he owns the company. Who else would let him appear looking like that?

  82. Ladies,
    I certainly understand why you feel he’s creepy (disheveled, weird-fitting clothes etc), BUT may I suggest this: turn it around — do you like men to judge you by your appearance or clothing?

  83. Ha, while I don’t wish to judge someone based on their looks, and I realize he can’t help his body shape, (we all have flaws) the fact remains that he is majorly creepy!!! To me he looks like a big time smoker and drinker, grayish skin, dressed weird (those pants draw attention to his extremely small waist, which is unnaturally thin, and please button another button!), very disheveled, needs a haircut, etc. He might be an extremely nice person, so I feel bad about this, but…I definitely mute the sound whenever he appears, and glad I’m not the only one who feels like this! :(

    • He is on every program and every channel…I mute or fast forward when the slug pops up. Also would not use Trivago for any search. I really hate this commercial.

  84. Yeah the Trivago guy is an incredibly poor choice of actors for that commercial – glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. I think it’s someone’s dumb idea that backfired: make a really awful commercial that makes people talk and one they won’t forget and they’ll use your site. WRONG. Never have and not gonna.

  85. The thing that is scary about advertising today, is that a group of people looked at the ads and approved them. Who the heck are they advertising too? I bet he is cool in CA and WA

  86. He LOOKS this,he LOOKS like …Anyone who writes any negative or creepy stuff based on you guys’s assumption…I bet I could point out just the same about you guys or even more but you guys don’t have the nerve to show your faces. It’s easy to judge someone from behind a computer. Look around in your family,you probably have there what you point out in him. Try to see the good for just one day or just for one hour, you might not find yourselves this sour.Shame on you:(

    • Actually I am told I look like this guy. Middle aged trim and slim with all my hair. What’s wrong with this? There are people in this world who chose to be trim/slim as opposed to be in the norm of fat and obese, please no pun intended. If someone wants to be trim let them, and all the negative comments about this guy weight wise is from an obese person. You will NEVER hear a slim person saying to another slim person that they are too thin.

  87. glad some1 else noticed the high shoulder, for that it is only suggested he get to a chiropractor. after looking at his fingernails onscreen, nothing unusual was noticed. the long torso is caused most likely an extra vertebra in the spine which is something to blame on genetics, not the person himself. no belt with jeans with obvious beltloops is a fashion faux pas for sure and I agree with most observations on this. if the jeans have no beltloops, then of course no belt is fine so get over yourselves. I can see how this would be filmed for a European company, as Europeans tend to not be as concerned with superficiality and appearances before being concerned with the person. Apologies for the snafus with the typing in this textbox. Was not able to arrow back or up to make corrections.

  88. My question is..WHO is the targeted audience Trivago was going for??! This guy looks like he sleeps in his Van down by the river!

  89. I thought I was the only one who thought he was creepy and weird. I have to turn the channel when this guy comes on

  90. He looks like my sisters unemployed, liar, artist, unpublished poet, deadbeat, freeloader ex boyfriend. Was only a matter of time before he “tricked” someone else….

  91. Ok, I googled the trviago guy and your post came up. I am SO weirded out by him. He looks like a terrible smelling bum who might accost you in the supermarket parking lot begging for a quarter.

  92. I figured he had to own this company or at least have controlling interest in it. Why else would a company allow someone like this to represent their company.

  93. Really? Women have been judged by their looks forever. If you don’t like someone then don’t likec them and leave it at that. Keep the petty, insignificant stuff to yourself.

  94. He is crooked. One shoulder is 5-6 inches lower than the other. I noticed it the first time I watched it. It is all I can see!

  95. Wow! Such haters! And from women who are always upset by being judged by our waistlines! I
    googled him because I thought he was rather interesting and I was sure I’d seen him before.

    • Leave this guy alone. He’s just making a living like you and me. If your going to be upset at the way he looks, be upset about who hired him and why. He’s getting our attention, isn’t he?

  96. Well, it seems that he had the worst night at the hotel he found trhought his own site…:( I will never select a hotel using trivago

  97. AAAHHHH I agree with everyone else who can’t stand this guy…his looks right down to his voice and actions. Get this guy off…I will not use the site till I no longer see the sight of him!!!!!

  98. I can’t stand that guy to the point where I had o google it and here I am laughing my butt off reading all these comments. Thank god I’m not the only one. I would always ask my husband. Why on earth would they have a sweaty, dirty, hungover looking guy doing a national TV commercial. I feel dirty just looking at him. Why!?

  99. I just found these comments on this guy. I swear I’ve been saying from the beginning that there is something very creepy about this guy.

  100. It is very strange how no one on the staging of this ad noted how this guy looks or appears, missing belt, rough around every possible edge, belt missing – maybe this is the kind of clientele that Trivago wish to attract. I am a male in my 50s and even i would not go near him!
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  101. Ha I googled him because I thought he was quite sexy in a daniel Craig rough kind of way… Guess I need to have a better look at his fingernails lol

  102. So glad to find page. Not only is he tiny and unkempt, his fingernails are so dirty that I change channels every time I see the commercial. Which is not what I think the advertiser’s intent was.

  103. LOL! I am so glad to read this!!! Everytime he comes on I tell my husband “Why can’t he button his shirt? What is wrong with this guy? Can’t he iron his clothes?”. I always thought it was just me. It seems like he is selling $25 motels.

  104. OMG , I just saw the trivago commercial and I swear ,
    I just had enough of his bum like ways.
    Looking like a hot mess!
    How could producers , anyone on the stage not comment
    on his bum like ways!
    OMG , all I can do is laugh because I’m not the only one

  105. he is kind of attractive, but very unkempt looking. Looks like he is fit though and cleans up well. You would think the Trivago people in their wisdom, would get a more cleaner looking guy, for sure.

  106. I am not even a mother or a woman but the guy looks like he did not have a shower for a month using the same shirt and pants he slept in for weeks and appeared on video. He is so dirty like he rolled in oil. This must be a gimmick to annoy people to remember trivago, “forget about it”.

  107. LOL! Mr. Trivago has defintely cleaned up his act! Just saw the new ad. Less creepy! Tailored suit and shave a plus! :) Cool site Karen!

  108. I wonder if anyone has seen the new commercials with the guy in a suit! He looks considerably better, I think.

  109. I am a 51 year old guy and I have to say after seeing the commercial a few times He definitely has a creeper feel about him. He also seems like he is trying come across as being cool which is bad.

  110. Omg……this is soooo funny.
    I keep thinking “this guy’s torso is freakishly long”, come to find out, i am not alone in this. Lol.
    He also needs a shower, haircut and shave. Wth

  111. I think he’s cute. Don’t know what all the stink is about. So, he isn’t clean shaven, so what? No belt. So what? Very handsome in my opinion, just casual and did I say cute?

  112. My daughter and I can’t stand this guy. He looks like he could be homeless!! You have cracked me up and I just can’t believe someone else feels the same way we do!!!! Lol

  113. I can’t believe this!!! Other people think he is creepy as well!!! He reminds me of my friend’s loser, unemployed, gigalo, ‘artist’, loser boyfriend!!!! And did I say ‘loser’ with B.O.?

  114. In one of the commercials he is looking up as if he is looking at what is scrolling across the top of the screen but there is nothing there – it is scrolling along the bottom instead – it looks really stupid and poorly made

  115. OMG I am laughing hysterically at everything everyone has posted. So glad I googled “trivago guy” after seeing the commercial AGAIN just now. I ditto what everyone has said with special attention to his long torso, gross teeth, shirt, jeans with no belt, weird way he uses his hands and what a ridiculous choice for a spokesperson. Thanks for the laughs people!

  116. This guy is a complete turd. He can’t even pronounce the name of the company. He should probably take a shower too.

  117. this guy is great. I’ll never forget the name trivago. Don’t listen to these women. There is something about him that keeps you watching the commercial.

  118. OMG! From the first time I saw this commercial, I told my husband I would never use Trivago because this guy was so ” unkempt ” messy hair, messy clothes , bad teeth, everything that has been stated before me. So glad it’s not just me.

  119. I don’t want to feed his need for attention that
    could throw him into an alcoholic bar stool grind
    that could result in his forgetting who he steals his clothes from and which box to check at the
    unemployment office. Good luck Captain Tim.
    We’ll leave a light on for you.

  120. Oh my daughters And I have always shrieked over this guy. Diets messy sloppy. And that long torso everyone mentioned! And the saggy baggy pants and his i ironed shirt! What were they thinking?? How does one find him on Facebook? Honestly I assumed he owned trivago because why would they hire him? I am soooo glad others noticed!!!!

  121. Finally took to Google this morning looking for anything on the “Trivago Ad Guy.” So happy I found your site Mommies in Orbit. Everyone’s comments perfectly describe what I’ve been thinking, HE IS HIDEOUS!! Great laughs!

  122. I showed this commercial to my lady and we both agreed with everything being said. Crazy part is that we agreed before reading any of these comments. I’m not going to repeat something that has already been said so instead, check out the way he walks off camera view at the end of the commercial. Like, “yeah, I killed it”. No sir, all you killed was my interest in Trivago. Thanks!!
    Todd recently posted..A Fit Pet Is A Happy Pet, Weight Loss Success with #HillsPetMy Profile

  123. Trivago in Spanish would translate as Three Bum. How fitting is that for a company that would actually cast this Bum? I mean they spend millions on air. Can’t they pay a well known celebrity or at least cast a guy that’s taken a shower in the last 30 days? He really does looks like a sex tourist that just got back from a hard week in Bangkok.

  124. Ewww he grosses me out! Ever heard of a belt, a razor and clothes that fit? Not to mention he looks like a perpetrator!

  125. I thought it was just me. The very first time I saw this oddball in the TV ad, my Scooby sense caused the hair to stand on end on the back of my neck.

    Thanks for letting me know others have the same qualms about him.

  126. Oh my, I just died laughing reading your post! “Mortified by the mere sight of this guy!”
    YES! He’s disgusting. His voice, It’s like he just smoked a pack of Marlboro Reds . His weirdly long torso, unbelted dirty jeans, the stupid way he uses his hand to demonstrate the website. Ugh, all of t. What a gross man.

  127. Thank God! I tried to tell to my husband about this guy and he looked at me like I was crazy, good to know I am not the only one thinking this every time I see this commercial

  128. Trivago commerical had me shaking my head too. He looks like he woke up 10 min before having to be at the studio. Looks like he scoop his clothes off the floor and jumped into them and ran. No time to comb hair or shave. Maybe Trivago was going for that everyday guy with down to earth appeal. However, it looks like this guy was DOWN in the EARTH the night before.

  129. I hate this commercial he’s got bad teeth,dirty hands,needs to shave and his clothes are horrible!!i thought it was only me!!!

  130. He creeps me out, too! I suspected he was the founder of the site and they used him to save money instead of hiring an actor for the commercial. He is obviously a smoker. You can see how dirty his fingers/hands are when he demonstrates the swipes on the site. Ew! For me he is reason not to use Trivago.

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