Halloween Costumes for Dogs!

Halloween will be here before you know it. Choosing Halloween costumes for my dogs is so much fun. The trick or treaters who come to my door get a kick out of seeing Cody & Nikki dressed up and celebrating Halloween just like they are, minus the candy. Since my dogs are not too crazy about wearing costumes for very long, I have to choose wisely and give them lots of dog treats to cooperate.

I think Cody will be wearing his Superman cape for Halloween. Why? Because he beat the heck out of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever back in July, whipped it. He is a SuperDog!

super dog

Super Dog!

And for Nikki, hmmm, she’s such a smarty pants, I think this year she will be either a physics professor or an astronaut. I’ll have to start designing her costume soon. She has no patience with her humans for such nonsense, can you tell by the look on her face? Happy Fall!


I’m the impatient kind!


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