Anatomy of The Teen Brain!

Ahhh, the teenage brain! Exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. I’ve heard that teens brains are still “under construction,” and if so, how is it that it functions at lighting speed? Teen moods can shift so quickly, like 0-60 in a mere 30 seconds. Porsche ain’t got nothing on that teen brain! One minute they’re all happy about everything and the next minute they’re in your face like there’s no tomorrow.

I think those neurons are firing on over- time. Their frontal lobes are exploding with all kinds of new information, and in the process they become befuddled, that’s a term us over the hill folks like to use to aggravate them.

Those scientist guys say that this type of development goes on well into the twenties, yikes, we got a long way to go. Let’s get it in gear kids and get that brain as close to complete as you possibly can, and quickly. Cause Mom’s brain is going in the opposite direction, down, down, down. I’m gonna need you kids to give me some guidance as I’m plummeting over the hill.  How does that sound to you, like a fair deal?” And BTW, “You crazy teenagers stay the heck off of my grass!”


The Teen Brain

The Teen Brain

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