The Meaning of SWAG!

Lately I’ve been attempting to catch up with the middle school madness that my kids bring home with them everyday.  I’m curious to know what goes on in the halls of knowledge. I thought I had a pretty clear idea of what transpires during the day, but boy was I wrong! Over the weekend, my kids introduced me to the word SWAG, yep, that’s what I thought!

Sounds like…. if you got it, then that’s a good thing, and if you don’t, well you’re OUT. SWAG is all about style and appearance and how you look to others. And I thought that most of the kids just crawled out of bed in the morning and ran for the bus! “You look swag, dude!” or “You got swag!”

So swag must be similar to what “cool” meant in the seventies! I wouldn’t dare use a slang word from the seventies around my kids or they would hide forever from embarrassment. Actually, that’s not a bad idea! That’s one way to regain some sanity.  I suppose we could look at  SWAG in economic terms from a parent’s view, meaning, “WOW, I sure dropped a load of cash  at the mall over the weekend!” But my kids will sure have SWAG on Monday morning!

Or you might have swag if you have the iPhone 5 while your parents still own a flip phone with over sized numbers! You may have swag if your parents drive an auto with a German symbol on the grill!

Here’s a look at SWAG through the years.

SWAG in the 70's!

SWAG in the 70’s!

SWAG cordless phone from the 80's!

SWAG cordless phone from the 80’s!


Skinny jeans!

SWAG Skinny jeans!

Very SWAG!

Very SWAG!

Join me for more cool terms I’ll be learning about, as my kids swag all the way through middle school.


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