Mom Armor and Teens!

You know the feeling you get when you’ve been blindsided? And afterwards you just sit in your desk chair shaking your head and saying, “What happened?”

I thought the toddler years were frustrating; potty-training, temper tantrums, no-naps, and toys all over the place. I’ve been warned by friends that when your kids enter the teen years, look out!

You may find yourself saying, “Who are these kids? And where are we headed?”

I feel like I’m getting it from all sides, backtalk, frustrations, solar flares, you name it, and it’s headed my way! I’m sporting full armor, with ear-plugs, and face shield (to avoid witnessing the eye-rolling)! Do you think this will embarrass my kids when their friends come over? Do I even care at this point? I hope they calm down before Summer, because this outfit is gonna be real hard to swim in!

medieveal armor

 Mommies In Orbit, In Armor!

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