March, The In-Between Month!

March, it’s the month filled with all kinds of anxieties and contradictions. Some of us are ready to bust out the gardening tools and start digging. Many of us still feel like continuing our couch potato comfort from the long winter. Whatever is going on, it’s always a big change every year when spring first arrives.

Something else that arrives with spring is the fear to shed the sweats and squeeze into that pair of shorts that seemed to fit just fine last year. What happened, was it shrinkage in the dryer, or was it that last over the hill birthday? Or that last piece of birthday cake when no one was looking?

I don’t know about you but that’s about the time I panic…. and rejoin the gym! Then comes the achy muscles, the waistline that won’t budge and sore knees. But we know that if we work consistently and patiently, we can meet our goals, or maybe just scrape by.

My personal goal is to look fit enough to where I don’t have to wear my Snuggie to the pool! I figure if we’ve got a May 10th pool opening, I should be able to shed that Snuggie by then and maybe replace it with a very thick towel!

I’m determined to get some of that flexibility back, even if it kills me. My goal here is to do lots of planting, and this activity mostly occurs at ground level, so when you’re done, you have to be able to get up off the ground, and without total embarrassment or a forklift!

Even though we have a backyard pool, I still don’t want to embarrass my kids and their friends by bounding in the pool. I’d like to think I will be able to enter the pool gracefully, I realize that may be quite a stretch. The bottom line is that it’s time for Mommies In Orbit to get back in shape, and that means hauling it to the gym.

Hey wish me luck, and I’ll do the same for you, good luck!



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