And That’s The Way We Roll!

How is it that some parents make it look so easy dealing with kids and their ever-changing moods? Are they magicians? Are they numb to the nonsense? Raising kids has been the toughest task I’ve ever attempted. And now that they are teenagers, interacting with both of them is like learning a foreign language everyday.

Somedays I  recognize who is at the breakfast table and other days, well, I wonder who the hell are these kids? But that’s the way we roll around here. It’s pure madness. They both remind of the planet Venus, the planet of intense heat and volcanic activity. Actually they have a lot in common with Venus.  This planet spins very slowly and in the opposite direction of most of the planets! {and, or parents}

Any of this sound familiar?

One day you’re kicked back and having a conversation with them and later that day, they’ll blast you for asking them what they want for dinner. I figure someday it will all even itself out and civil conversations will return. But until then, that’s the way we roll around here.


Volatile Planet Venus.

Volatile Planet Venus.


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