Parenting In The Middle of Life!

Yep, parenting in midlife, awesome, challenging, tiring, nuts, fun and emotional. Yes, especially emotional. Watching two 12 year olds spin into the preteen orbit is comparable to hunting for Black Holes. Once you find one, the gravity is relentless, raising kids is quite the same. One day it’s like clockwork and the next day, you may experience one solar flare after another!

So, now what?

So, now what?

Why parent in midlife? Why not? I wasn’t ready for kids in my twenties, had too many things to do, accomplish, experience, you know what I mean. Thirties rolled around, time to develop some sort of career, ha, like that ever materialized! Forties sneaked up on me, and I thought whoa, something is missing here. The rest of the story…….twins!

So now what? Keep them on track, teach them some useful stuff, show them the world, and love them lots!



  • I feel just like that photo all the time. Now what?? I have raised two other kids and went though the teenage years. But I am really nervous about the triplets and what it is going to be like having three puberty explosives at the same stage around me.

  • Anne Kimball says:

    Love it!
    Thanks for linking up with the TALU!

  • Kristi says:

    OMG can we be best friends please? Had my one and only son (’cause who the heck could do this sh!t again) at BARELY hanging onto 40….he’s three and 1/2 now. And I feel like a grandma compared to his classmates’ moms. LOVE you already.
    Thanks mucho for hooking up w/ TALU. I will SO be back.

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