Living In The Dark!

You know that feeling when school starts and the sun begins to set earlier, and you slowly become a permanent fixture of the dark. You know how you must feel your way out of your room with your hands along the walls, with respect for those who many still be sleeping. God forbid that someone should  flip on a light switch when you’re not ready, and burn the hell out of your retinas.

Since the kids started middle school this year, we are now are on the same schedule as our awesome Midwestern farmers.

All of us are up yelling and confused at the crack of dawn. The only difference I can see is that the farmers are heading out to crank up the ’67 tractor, hoping that it’s gonna turn over while gazing at the stars and moon, yes it’s still out there from last night, while I’m trying to dray two weary 6th graders out of a cozy bed.

And us city folk are up and at ’em, that would be the kids, coaxing them out of their last bizarre dream and then to get the hell ready for school. If  you like stargazing before you turn in for the night and then once more in the morning, than this is the ticket for  you. And you know I love astronomy,  I’m out on the deck at least once a night barefoot gazing up above.

This type of day after day schedule for kids or farmers, really never settles in our souls comfortably, it just wears the crap out of us until we finally drag our butts to the weekend where we can re charge in our own various ways.

So much said for Middle School and how it reminds me of the torture chambers in the castles in Germany, I see a strong connection here.

So what do me and the kids do for the next grueling three years, stumbling around in the dark? If  you’re a nerd like me you would gleefully step outside in your PJ’S with a hot cup of coffee to gaze at the stars, even it’s just for a moment, before the humans start howling inside again.

As I read over this the next day, I can see just how tired I was, pardon the typos!


You’re still out here hanging around??

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