Kids and Astronomy!

What do kids and astronomy have in common? Tons! Some days I feel like I’m living with a meteor and a meteorite, under the same roof!

A meteor is a piece of dust or rock that burns up as it enters our Earth’s atmosphere, enter Rocket Boy. This kid has never been to the ER and I don’t want to start it now. He sprints throughout the house like he’s preparing for a fiery entry into the atmosphere. He heeds no warnings, and skids around corners like he’s mad!

Enter Channel Chick: Miss Meteorite, she’s like a hunk of space debris that has already landed on the ground! When she comes into contact with the Earth, it’s with a loud bang and, she leaves her mark, for all to see! She’s fiery, awesome and she blazes through the night sky, watch out!

Take the planet Neptune for example, it’s the fourth largest planet in the solar system. It’s largest moon is called Triton, and it orbits the planet, backwards! Other moons in the solar system orbit in the same direction in which the planet rotates. Here on Planet Earth we call this a backwards orbital path or typical tween behavior. Whatever Mom says, they do the opposite. They take my words and twist them, turn them upside down and spin them backwards, much like Triton. By the end of the day, I’m beginning to question myself and my parenting skills.

Yes, this is how I view parenting, with an outer space twist, it just makes sense to me. Kids are loud, explosive, awesome, bright, and ever expanding. During the tween and teen years, they exhibit some mighty strong gravity. Hold on for the ride of your life! 


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