Awesome October!!

It’s Fall! Yeah, the tree colors are beautiful, electric reds and yellows! This looks like the shift we’ve been waiting for. Goodbye to the Summer’s scorching heat and enormous electric bills, along with the early summer cicada invasion.

Who could ever forget that somewhere in downhome Missouri, some folks were churning out cicada ice cream, oh yea, and people were buying it!  Glad that’s over, I’m just saying!

Falls brings us tons of great decorating colors, birthdays, parties, and all kinds of Halloween pranks. One of those pranks will come early to Mommies In Orbit, a birthday, yes another one!!  Yippee!!   Advice to myself, increase martini intake and eat more fiber!

I know right, you are getting to be an old bag!

Awesome Pups!

I share the month of October birthdays with two very important canines, Smart Border Collie and The Black Dog, we will all take part in many festivities. Our most favorite to date, napping!

We are still  hoping to attend the Oktoberfest in Germany  and leave the wranglers here with the other parent.

Beer and Brats!

Another year older? The wranglers are running me ragged now. You will soon be bumping into me at your local Walgreens or CVS drugstore in the orthopedic department. You betcha, I’ll be a regular shopper, with coupons, don’t even think about getting behind me in line, you’ll wait like-forever.

Really, this has gotta be a good year.  My kids say I’m starting to sound like Mark Twain. They tell me I speak “in quotes” even in my sleep! Awesome…… dude!  I’m proud of myself!

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
– Notebook, 1898 by Mark Twain

Hey, what else could happen? Got kids, dogs, food in the pantry, the leaves are turning brilliant colors, and I’ve got two eleven year old tweens, it don’t get much better than that!

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