What’s Up With Women’s Clothing?

OK, I’m swearing off clothes shopping!  I just think that the clothing styles out there suck. Really,what’s up with fashion these days? The fabrics are all about stretch, are they trying to tell us something?

I saw quite a few women out tonight shopping, all empty-handed with bewildered looks. Shouldn’t that be telling the designers something? What’s up with jeans with zippers that are only 1 1/2 inches long? Where does that get us, barely able to get in and out of the car? What about rustling kids and groceries, how’s that workin’ for ya? 

I get that lavender is a really cool color, but I cannot show up in this on Monday night at my kids’ school to meet the teacher! I dig skulls!

Or how about this red off the shoulder number? Maybe for the first PTO meeting? Do you think anyone would sneer at me?

“Why yes, I spent the entire summer at the gym and left my kids “home alone!” But don’t I look hot?

So what’s a mid-life Mom to do? Where can I find some “normal clothing” that doesn’t scream hooker or dowdy?

Do I resort to making my own clothing and end up looking like this? Not that’s there’s anything wrong with the Little House On The Prairie look! Nothing will hang out or spillover the sides in this get-up!

How about I just stick with the same old “Life Is Good” T-shirts? They’re 100% cotton, great colors, funny pictures and they fit! Let’s add a basic pair of Levi’s and a some comfy Topsiders. So long fashion world, I’ve found my own! 

See Ya!


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  • amandapenni79 says:

    not to mention the whale tales (aka, thong underwear) hanging out of the back side of the girls pants who decide it's a good idea to buy those jeans with the 1 1/2 inch zippers. And lets not even talk about the muffin top that is caused because everything in this fashion era has to fit soooo tight. And what's with the skirts, or should I say large belts. Can we leave nothing to the imagination these days? Leaving things to the imagination used to be sexy…. And I'll end with this…. leggings are not PANTS, again I say leggings are NOT pants, even if you wear two pair at the same time, leggings are still are NOT pants….

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