What Happens In The Halls Of Knowledge?

Kids in the A.M.
Same kids after school.

Do your kids look completely different when they go to school compared to when they come home? What happens in the halls of knowledge? Is it too much of the “New Math?”  Not enough recess time? Maybe it’s the leisurely 20-minute lunch break they get to shove down a quick sandwich.

Is it the brutal world of fourth graders sniping at one another on the playground? Or thoughts of Spring Break right around the corner?

Well, whatever it is, my two fourth-graders come home lookin’ like different animals.  I’ve heard that all kids, twins or not, are fiercely competitive with one another about who blabs first to Mom about the kid-antics at school.  Mine act like warriors in battle. It’s a head on collision with these two until one kid breaks down and lets out a scream or stomps off and slams the nearest door.  It’s a hell of a way to launch into the witching hour!
Our personal witching hour!
And if you have kids, you know all about the witching hour! It’s hunger, homework, and foul moods all wrapped up like a burrito. That glorious time before dinner when kids and parents are trying to wind down.

Now throw into the mix a one year old Black Dog and a Smart Border Collie who can read our minds, racing around the house like speed demons in the Daytona 500, and there you have it, life with Mommies In Orbit. Hey Mom, here comes the bus!

Mom still looks the same!

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