Ridiculous Kid Requests!!

My kids have begun to “request” things from me, like I’m their personal ass-istant. It’s one thing to cook for them and do their laundry, but now it’s gotten out of hand. They believe that my time is their time, like Mommies In Orbit doesn’t have anything important to do with her life, HA!

  • Here’s a high and mighty Dear Daughter request:

“Mom, while I’m at school today, and you’re not doing anything important, could you just sign me up for this new web site so I can play games, oh and could you pay for it while you’re at it?”

  • This one really twists me around:

“Oh yea, Mom, when you get up in the morning, could you just turn on my laptop so it’s ready to go when I come down for breakfast?”  “Oh, and if it’s low on power, could you just plug it in for me too?

  • How about this one from my miniature barbarian:

“Geez Mom, what happened to my skinny jeans in the dryer, they are all twisted up? Next time could you just straighten them out or something, so I don’t have to wriggle like a snake to get them on? That’s not too much to ask, is it?” 

  •  Here’s one from the food category about Rocket Boy’s precious muffins:

“Mom, you know those Mini Muffins you bought, well they are just gross! They are all white and mushy, here look at this!!! Do you want these before I throw them away? Could you get some different ones when you go to the grocery store?” 

  • I really enjoy it when DD gets all frazzled about her socks as the bus is coming:

” I hate these socks, they don’t fit, I can’t get them on at all!”  “Mommmm, go out and get me some socks that fit! Preferably those pink ones I saw at “Justice” you know the ones that cost $9.95 per pair and come with a super annoying Justin Bieber CD. Will you Mom, will you?


OK, kiddos, get this, I am not your personal ass-istant!!!!  Yes, I will help you with your homework and take you to your friends house, and even take you out for ice cream too! But I won’t be your very own employee! There are orbits out there in space that I can put you in using my “Special Mommy Orbit Software.”

Yes, really, I can! I can make you orbit around and around for a year or even longer!  Then when I’m ready for you all to come back home, I can send out a new command and there you are. Yes, the power of the Mommy is extraordinary!  And so my children, be careful what you ask for, and don’t cross the line, you never know………………..

Mommy Dearest means business!

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