Navigating Home Depot.

OK, so we got this huge storm on the way, ice and snow and whatever else decides to fall from the sky. I’m thinking we need a generator, better late than never. So I head to Home Depot to check out the selection with my recent  knowledge of these huge, noisy beasts, I gleaned from the web the night before. I’m cruising down the main isle, it’s January 31st, and the isles are filled with garden hoses, BBQ pits, the type of items I wish I were shopping for.  I spot them, there in the center aisle, people hovering around, reading the print on the boxes and gasping at the price. There are about 10 of them left, this is no time for comparison shopping with the OTHER hardware store. It’s grab and go.

Kids, we got this instead of going to Disneyland.

Sorry, kids, not this year!

I’m surrounded by tall men in steel-toed workboots and insulated coveralls, towering over me. Should I or shouldn’t I, do we want to become human icicles in our own home?  Do I call Dear Husband or do I make an executive decision?  I finally base my decision on a few things:

1.  Our human need to maintain a normal body temperature.
2.  Hot coffee in the morning.
3.  Power for the laptops that the cave people
     can’t live without.
4.  Real food, instead of granola bars.
5.  Blow dyers and flat-irons that work. 
6.  Heat.

I luck out and find one already loaded on one of those rusty flat carts.  I Mommy-wrestle the thing to the checkout lanes and whip out the credit card I WAS trying to pay off and sign on the dotted line. We get it loaded in the minivan and Mommy and the new monster machine are on our way home. My little aliens are thrilled to see there will be no school tomorrow, Dad and I are hoping that the roof doesn’t cave in from the weight of the snow.

BTW, I am SO getting some of these nifty coveralls for next Winter! Actually I may need them soon for expansion purposes, if I don’t stay out of the Reese’s PB Cups.  If you live in a snow bound state, let’s check on our neighbors and keep the pets inside and warm. If you’re in a warm climate, good for you, enjoy it!!

Mom’s new look!

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