Mom, Am I A Geek?

My Dear Daughter asks me the other day,”Mom, am I a geek?”  This is a question you want to answer carefully when it involves a 10-year old girl just entering the tween years. 
Of course not, as we conversed back and forth from her laptop to my desktop computer. I wondered, just what is the current definition of a geek anyway?  If I want an IPad for Christmas does that make me a geek?  If Best Buy is my favorite store, does that qualify me as a geek? So I looked it up, on the web of course, not in a dusty old paper dictionary. Here’s the definition I found:

an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity <computer geek>”   
I thought, well that sounds pretty impressive to me, but then I read further down to the synonyms:

Comin’ to fix your router!
Synonyms: bookworm, dink [slang],dork [slang], nerd, grind, swot [British], weenie, wonk. 
These are words I really don’t want my kids to be hurling at anyone in the cafeteria or hallways at school. 
My kids really like doing stuff on their computers, they are both learning animation and having a ball with it. I’m all for it, it places us all in the non-violent orbit, a good place to be. Since most everyone is wired up these days with all types of gadgets, I think it’s beneficial to know how to operate them, troubleshoot them and use them properly, no texting while driving. So the next time you leave the house to run errands, notice how many gadgets are coming with you, cell phone, check, Nintendo DSi, check, Ipod, check. Happy Holidays!

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